Greenhearts in Michigan

By Billie Burgess, CCI Greenheart Local Coordinator and Greenheart project organizer


February 18th, I had the privilege to take 8 CCI Greenheart exchange students and 2 American high school students to volunteer at the YWCA in  Grand Rapids, Michigan. These wonderful kids cleaned and sanitized the Safe Connection Center and The Day Care Center. They learned that the YWCA provides for victims of abuse at many different levels. I learned that many students were not aware of organizations in their countries that would help adults of abuse. They were familiar with the YMCA as a fitness club and some had organisations to help children. I was happy that they learned of another way to help others. Hopefully some of the students will take the experience home with them as they become adults and see abuse in others. Our Greenheart activity was also published in our local paper spreading what they learned and sharing how great our exchange students are!