Tucson Awards Greenheart Teacher a “TEACHER EXCELLENCE AWARD”

Greenheart Exchange recruits highly qualified teachers from all over the world who teach a variety of subjects, including elementary education, STEM, world languages, and special education. Recently, one of our teachers, Martha, from the Philippines and teaching in Tucson, Arizona was awarded a “Teacher Excellence Award” in recognition of her exceptional contributions to education and dedication to teaching and making a positive impact on her students! Here’s what Martha shared about her Teach USA exchange experience:

“My name is Martha, and I currently serve as the 6th grade Inclusion Math and English Language Arts Teacher at a middle school in Tucson, Arizona. Additionally, I am the 6th grade IEP advocate, Exceptional Education Lead Teacher, Student Council Advisor, and a member of the Leadership Team. I am also pursuing a Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Management.

“As an Inclusion Teacher, I work alongside general education teachers to deliver culturally responsive lessons that create a significant impact on our students by promoting a better understanding of cultural differences and awareness that stimulated our student’s curiosity and prepared them to be globally aware citizens of the world. I am proud that Tucson Unified School District is implementing a curriculum that is infused with multicultural education principles and recognizes the value of supporting student success in this area.”

My role as a Student Council Advisor has been memorable as I serve 878 middle school students. I am excited to contribute to enhancing their middle school experience after the pandemic and have already started collaborating with various organizations for projects, securing resources, and fundraising. This opportunity provides a chance for student leaders to learn from my knowledge and expertise in leadership and social accountability. We have organized numerous activities, such as Valentine’s Dance, monthly Spirit Week, campaign week and election day, Multicultural Week and Show in collaboration with Filipino American Mabuhay Cultural Foundation Club of Tucson, Filipino teachers in Tucson and teachers from other countries/culture, fundraising projects in collaboration with different companies, mental health wellness run and walk, field trips, community service, honor’s assembly, and global connection through the Philippine Department of Education and Teacher Appreciation Week celebration.

I have completed my Master IEP Coach Mentorship in the US and collaborated with different organizations, enabling me to conduct numerous trainings and seminars for teachers in the Philippines through the Department of Education on how to conduct and write an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) and implement inclusive education.

Hosting international teachers in US schools not only provides an unforgettable experience but also an invaluable opportunity for our students to learn about diverse cultures and values. There is no substitute or replacement for a firsthand encounter, having International teachers who bring a wealth of experiences and knowledge into the classroom setting that is otherwise impossible to achieve.”

I love being an educator because it gives me the power to touch lives and advocate for children. I feel immensely blessed to share my knowledge and skills, having sailed the world of education for 17 years now.

Thank you Martha for sharing your story and CONGRATULATIONS on well-deserved recognition!

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