Greenheart Special Education Teacher Recognized as One of the 2024 Outstanding Filipino American Teachers of Nevada!

Congratulations to Herden from the Philippines for being recognized as one of the 2024 Outstanding Filipino American teachers of Nevada! Herden is a Special Education teacher in Las Vegas, Nevada, and this is her second year with Greenheart’s Teach USA program. Greenheart Exchange recruits highly qualified teachers from all over the world who teach a variety of subjects, including elementary education, STEM, world languages, and special education. Read on to learn more about Herden and the impact the Greenheart’s Teach USA has on international teachers, host schools and local communities.

I am Herden Guevarra, an international exchange teacher from the Philippines and a special education teacher at Valley High School, Las Vegas, Nevada. My journey as an international teacher began when I joined the Greenheart Teach USA program in 2022. Participating in Greenheart’s Teach USA program has been a deeply enriching experience that has broadened my horizons and enhanced my teaching skills. What initially drew me to Greenheart’s Teach USA program was its reputation for promoting cultural exchange and professional development. The opportunity to teach in the United States, specifically at Valley High School, appealed to me because of its diverse student population and commitment to inclusive education.

One of the best parts of being an international exchange teacher at Valley High School is the vibrant multicultural environment. With almost 3,000 students from grades 9 to 10, I have had the privilege of working with students from various cultural backgrounds, each bringing unique perspectives and experiences to the classroom. This diversity has enriched my teaching practice, prompting me to incorporate culturally responsive strategies and tailor my instruction to meet individual student needs effectively.

My host school, Valley High School, has been proactive in sharing American culture with me. From organizing cultural awareness to celebrating traditional American holidays like Thanksgiving, the school has created opportunities for me to immerse myself in American customs and traditions. These experiences have not only deepened my understanding of American culture but have also allowed me to share insights about my own culture with colleagues and students.

The impact of the Teach USA program extends beyond the classroom, positively influencing both the school and the local community. By bringing diverse perspectives
and teaching methodologies, international exchange teachers contribute to a more inclusive and globally aware learning environment. Additionally, our involvement in
community events and initiatives helps bridge cultural gaps and promote intercultural understanding.

I highly recommend Greenheart’s Teach USA program to other international teachers seeking a transformative professional and cultural experience. The program not
only provides valuable teaching opportunities but also fosters personal growth, cross-cultural exchange, and meaningful connections within the school community and beyond.

Congratulations again, Herden, on your amazing achievements! We wish you a fantastic rest of your program.

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