Dia de Los Muertos – Philippines style!

Greenheart Exchange’s Teach USA program brings international teachers to U.S. host schools. And, those teachers bring the world to their classrooms.

Martha from the Philippines shared a cultural exchange activity she did with her class in Arizona…celebrating Dia de Los Muertos as if they were in the Philippines. Here’s what Martha had to say about the activity she led:

Dia de los Muertos means Day of the Dead. This is associated to Christianity in honoring the deceased loved one. Philippines (Christianity is the major religion) observes a same celebration as Dia de los Muertos.

Students and teachers prepared paper flowers, and masks; and built an altar in the main hallway wherein pictures of loved ones who passed away were put as well as their favorite foods and beverages.

Students were able to present some music and play their musical instruments. Prayers were offered. Students, parents, teachers, and school administration led the parade. Participants carried pictures of departed loved ones.

It is a great way to celebrate the dead and the alive. This is one way of remembering, reminiscing, and giving honor to those people we love. Taking some time to pause and pray for the souls of our departed loved ones. This is the best way of exchanging and sharing the sameness and differences on how to celebrate the Day of the Dead between the U.S. and the Philippines.

Thank you Martha for sharing!

If you are a school administrator looking to bring the world to your classrooms, learn more about hosting international teachers

If you are an international teacher interested in coming to the USA to teach, learn more about Greenheart Exchange’s Teach USA program.