Warm or cold, there’s always something in Lake Tahoe

By: Shawna Pye, Greenheart Exchange Work and Travel Employer Relations Manager

In June, Greenheart staff visited with two host organizations in the South Tahoe area. After getting over 700 inches of snow the previous winter, they were ready for summer operations to get in full swing! It’s interesting that after a ski season, these resorts don’t shut down until it gets cold again. In fact, summer time in Lake Tahoe is the busiest season for this beautiful tourist location!

Lake Tahoe is the largest alpine lake in North America and it is ranked just behind the Great Lakes as largest in volume. It follows Crater Lake, being the 2nd deepest lake with a depth of 1645 feet. Tahoe is a major tourist attraction in both summer and winter! During the winter, there are activities like skiing and snowboarding available. During the summer, visitors can go hiking, swimming, camping, water skiing, kayaking, golfing, take advantage of mountain resort activities, and much more. Just the beauty of the pristine clear blue lake is worth a trip!

Ski resorts will often transform their ski hills from ‘slopes’ to ‘ropes’ for summer business. After the snow melts (or is physically removed if there is too much), resorts transform into outdoor playgrounds! Some examples of what resorts might offer include ropes courses, zip lines, tubing, climbing walls, gondola rides up the mountain, and so much more!

Regardless of whether the weather is cold or warm, Lake Tahoe provides a great experience to enjoy the outdoors!

Looking to visit somewhere in the United States that is beautiful, no matter the season? Visit Lake Tahoe in winter or summer, and take a look at Greenheart’s Work and Travel program today!