Participant Explores Cultural Exchange through Comparing Religions

By: Elsa Nartey, Greenheart Exchange Work and Travel Participant

This summer I visited the Methodist Museum! It was a very exciting experience and I learned so much about the history of this religion. I was thrilled to read the life stories of the founders of Methodism. Here is a brief summary of the Methodist Church history that I discovered at the museum.

The Methodist Church was founded in England during the 18th century by John Wesley with the assistance of George Whitefield and his brother, Charles Wesley. The church started as a small club with a few members who were devoted Christians. They came together as a team and lived their lives according to God. They usually visited and prayed for the sick and poor, while also refraining from pleasures and luxury in order to support the less privileged. These acts caused people to call them “Methodists” because of the rules and methods by which they abided. Their devotion spread to different parts of the world, leading to the international growth of the Methodist Church.

I also learned that the members lived through a lot of struggles, but they did not let those difficulties stop them. Most pastors and people worldwide look to the Methodists for career and life inspiration! To achieve your goals, you have to be devoted and never give up. You must also find faith and take into consideration the needs of others to reach your goals and find inspiration.

I will conclude with a Methodist proverb about the hardships that accompany following your dreams: “The heights which great men reached and kept were not attained by sudden flight, but they, whilst their neighbours were asleep, they keep toiling and burning the midnight oil.”

Elsa took advantage of her cultural exchange in the United States to learn about a new religion. Check out Greenheart Exchange’s Work and Travel program to learn more about similar cultural exchanges!