Parasailing in Provincetown

By: Silvia Ivanova, Greenheart Exchange Work and Travel participant

 Last week, my friend and I went down to the Provincetown, Massachusetts pier to finally try a new activity: parasailing. My friend was scared since she cannot swim, but the crew was very kind and calmed her down.

First, we spent about ten minutes on a boat to get out to the open ocean. Then, the crew put life-saving belts and jackets on us and gave us some instructions. We sat on the back end of the boat, and a few minutes later we were in the sky! The first moment of flying gave us a huge adrenaline rush, but once we were up in the sky, we felt really relaxed. The view from 800 feet (about 244 meters) up in the air was amazing, and we were lucky to have over twenty minutes of pure happiness.

Our descent back to the boat was quite interesting because we had absolutely no idea how it would happen. First, only our feet dipped into the water, but thirty seconds later, our whole bodies were in the water! We started screaming and laughing simultaneously. Once we were back on board, we were drenched to the skin.

In the end, it was more than just fun! I recommend this experience to all my friends and to every adrenaline enthusiast.

Silvia discovered a new, exhilarating activity while working in the United States! Check out Greenheart Exchange’s Work and Travel program to learn more.