I’m having problems at work… what do I do?!

By: Julia Rabin, Greenheart Exchange Cultural Outreach Assistant

 We hope you’re having a flawless program, and you haven’t encountered any challenges that are too difficult! However, inevitably, problems can arise when you least expect them. Below we outline some tips related to challenges you might face at work and this should help you deal with any issue that might arise! Remember: communication is the key!

What if I am having problems at my job?

If you are having any problems or issue, it is important that you talk to your supervisor as soon as possible. You should feel comfortable talking to your supervisor about your co-workers, your job position, your wage, the hours you receive, your host organization requesting tasks outside of your Job Description, or for any reason you do not feel safe in your workplace. They are happy to help you! Their job is to make sure that you feel comfortable in the workplace, and their goal is to help you resolve any issues that might arise. You should also feel free to contact your Greenheart Exchange representative to explain the situation. You can contact them either by email or phone. You can also utilize the Check-In feature on your Greenheart Exchange Online (GEO) account to explain any new changes or problems that have occurred during your program! Someone will be sure to follow up with you. We are happy to help you work through your problems and try to solve them.

Do you need to change your job?

It is very important to follow program rules to keep your program in good standing, especially if you are changing jobs. You must arrive in the United States fully committed to your primary job that has been verified by Greenheart Exchange. If you are having problems at work and would like to change your job, you are required to contact your Greenheart Exchange representative right away to figure out the issue. It is against Department of State regulations to change jobs without informing Greenheart Exchange (your visa sponsor) first and doing so may lead to the discontinuing of your program sponsorship! If you want to change your job, you MUST contact Greenheart Exchange directly before doing so! You cannot start a new or additional job until Greenheart Exchange approves it.

I have a New or Second Job

It is crucial for keeping your program in good standing to notify Greenheart Exchange about any additional jobs before you start working there. You are allowed to have more than one job while in the United States! However, it must not interfere with your primary job and you must obtain permission from your primary host organization. Before you begin working at your second job, you will also need to obtain permission from Greenheart Exchange. To do so, you must submit a Self- Arranged Job Offer (SAJO) via Greenheart Exchange Online (GEO) for every job you work. You may not start at the new job until it has been confirmed by both your primary host organization and Greenheart Exchange! If you are confirmed for a second job, really think through what this will mean! Be sure to confirm that your job schedules do not overlap, and be very open in your communication with each of your supervisors.

We’re here to help you have a safe, successful, and compliant program – so make sure to stay in touch! Contact Greenheart Exchange if you have any questions or concerns – and you can always find more information in the Resources section of your online account!