How to Travel like a Pro

By: Crystal Du, Greenheart Exchange Marketing and Outreach Intern

Hi, I am Crystal. Welcome to my Crystal Clear Tips blog post series! I was a J-1 high school student when I first came to the U.S. from China. I have since grown from a teenager to an independent adult; I have grown from being unexposed to being multi-cultural and mature. There is so much to learn about the world and myself throughout my time in the U.S.

It is your first time traveling in a foreign country and it can be nerve wrecking to go places that you have never been to. Relax! Here are some Crystal Clear Tips for traveling:

  • Always bring your ID with you when you travel. Your visa and passport are the formal IDs that you own that are issued by government officials. In case of emergency, having your ID with you is always a smart choice. Also, you should have a backup copy of your IDs on your electronic devices; electronic copies are easy to carry around are convenient.
  • Be sure that you have some cash on you. Some restaurants and shops do not accept credit/debit cards. Having cash on you will make travel easier, especially when some places don’t accept card payments.
  • Try to pack things that are absolutely necessary instead of extra. It is easier to travel with light luggage.
  • Plan out your trip ahead of time instead of doing things last minute. Google the places you want to go, find the addresses, research opening and closing times, and how to get there. You will save so much time on the trip if you do your “homework” ahead of time.
  • Instead of going to eat at extravagant places, try local diners and restaurants. You will taste unique flavors that you’ve never had before.
  • Try waking up early. It is important to get up early and hit your destination while nobody is there because crowds tend to get bigger as the day goes on. Being at a place as soon as it opens is a trick that will help you to enjoy the site without being overwhelmed by people.
  • Separate your sources of money. Put your cash and cards in different places instead of putting all of them in your wallet. In case of emergency, it is important that you secure your money in different places.
  • Most importantly—have an open mind. It is okay to see different people living different ways. Open up your mind to learn and appreciate local cultures.
  • Have an emergency kit. Have medicine ready to go when you need it: Tylenol, Tums, Band-Aids, wipes, ear-plugs, hand sanitizer, sunscreen, and lotion. Those things will help you in emergency situations.
  • Be flexible and leave yourself some time for spontaneity. Sometimes the most beautiful and unforgettable memories are from the most unexpected moments.
  • Enjoy your traveling!

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