Going Home Checklist: What to Do Before You Say Goodbye

By: Tiernaur Anderson, Marketing and Outreach Intern

Did you have the best summer ever? Wishing you could go back to the beginning and do it all again? Saying goodbye is always difficult, but use this checklist to help you close out your program the right way.

  • Make sure your housing is clean. – It is important to leave your space as clean (or cleaner) than you found it. You are representing your country and Greenheart, and respecting the space is important. Check out our blog for more tips on how to keep your housing clean throughout the summer.
  • Buy gifts for family and friends. – If you are planning to bring back souvenirs, give yourself plenty of time to find the perfect gift! Don’t wait until the last minute. Something from the city you stayed in is always a great idea.
  • Say your farewells at work. – You spent a significant amount of time building a relationship with your boss and coworkers, so be sure to take the time to thank them and say goodbye. Maybe even take a picture to remember them!
  • Take a picture with your housemates! – Your family back home will be eager to hear about your experience. Having pictures will make it so much easier to tell your stories!
  • Get all of your friends’ contact information. – Be sure that you have a phone number, email address, or social media username for the new friends you have made during your stay. Getting this information before you leave is the easiest way to stay in touch—and plan a visit to their country!
  • Make a concrete list of ways you will continue your journey, even once you are home. –  Going home can be exciting, but it can be difficult to get used to your normal settings and routines after such a whirlwind of a summer. Decide what kind of things you will do to continue your journey, even once you are home. Will you set up a volunteer event of your own? Will you skype with your new friends every month? Will you seek out more opportunities to travel? Make sure to stay active in the Greenheart Club? Join or start an alumni group in your home country? It’s up to you!

Remember, it is only goodbye for now!

Learn more about Greenheart Exchange’s programs here to find out how you can have your own exciting adventure.