Go Green(heart): You’ve Got the Power!

By: Delphine Dall’Agata, Greenheart Exchange Marketing and Outreach Intern

Your daily life choices impact the Earth. This blog series aims to help you become more environmentally conscious about the decisions you make, and give you steps towards a greener life. Together we can put the “green” in Greenheart!

This week is all about energy! Finding ways to minimize the use of nonrenewable energy sources (fossil energy and nuclear power) and switching to clean, renewable energy sources (solar, wind, geothermal, and hydropower) will reduce pollution and stop depleting the Earth’s resources. Do you know how much solar power it takes to power a lightbulb? Check it out.

  1. Turn It Off. Leaving the lights on when you’re not in the room, or leaving the TV on all day consumes unnecessary energy and money. Remember to simply turn those devices off when leaving the room or the house! Take a look at this infographic to see which spots in the house are the most common culprits for lights to be left on, and who usually forgets to turn them off!
  2. Say, Watt?! Over 2 billion light bulbs are used each year! A simple way to lower your carbon footprint is to opt out of using the traditional, incandescent light bulbs, and start using more efficient and cost-effective options! This diagram provides a great visual break down of the different options and their benefits.
  3. Be Cool. Did you know that washing your clothes on the cold setting can save up to 90% of the energy that a washing machine typically uses? So on the next laundry day, use cold water to save both energy and money! If you’re still not convinced, check out his infographic to see exactly how much you’ll save. It’s cool to save money!
  4. Hang Loose. It’s still laundry day, and putting your clothes through the dryer takes up a ton of your energy sources. In fact, using the dryer accounts for 12% of the energy used in a typical household! An easy way to offset this consumption is to just air dry your clothes. Take a look at these tips for successful hang drying!

Still feeling in the dark about your energy use? For more bright ideas, check out the U.S. Department of Energy.

Join the movement towards a sustainable future! Here at Greenheart Exchange, we are dedicated to promoting environmentalism through cultural exchange.