Go Green(heart): Get Moving on Your Green Lifestyle

By: Delphine Dall’Agata, Greenheart Exchange Marketing and Outreach Intern

Living green is more than just recycling, it’s a lifestyle. Through this blog series, you can learn about green habits to adopt in all aspects of your life. It takes a collective effort to put the “green” in Greenheart!

This week is all about transportation! There are numerous ways to get from point A to point B, and your choice of transit may be impacting the planet more than you think. In 2015, 27% of greenhouse gas emissions came from a combination of car, truck, ship, and plane activity. Here are four tips to reduce your carbon footprint:

  1. Buses and Subways and Trains, Oh My! Public transportation is the ideal way to decrease fuel usage and reduce road congestion. Look up your local bus, subway, or train maps and schedules to see if public transportation is an option. More often than not, it is! Check out the impact public transit had in Kansas City. The public transportation system improved the health of residents, lowered traffic accidents, fueled the local economy, and created a variety of new jobs! Look at how much you can impact your local community, just by changing the way you get around.
  2. Just Keep Spinning. Biking is an efficient and healthy alternative to driving your car! Many cities offer bike sharing programs, where you can easily rent a bike for your commute or leisure, and they are becoming more and more common. The United States is also home to some of the most beautiful bike trails—not only are you lowering carbon emissions, but you can experience stunning views! Of course, don’t forget to stay safe while biking.
  3. Share the Ride. Sometimes driving your car is unavoidable, but a smarter way to use it is by carpooling with your friends and family. This allows you to minimize fuel costs, while also spending time with your loved ones! These apps also let you share your ride (and cost). Happy cruising!
  4. Walk It Out. The easiest and most beneficial mode of transportation is, you guessed it, your own two feet! Walking is the best way to get from point A to point B, while also slowing down and discovering the hidden gems in your city! Happy Maps is a new initiative that creates an alternative, scenic routes to maximize happiness. Save the environment, while also boosting your mood!

Ready to join the bandwagon of sustainable transportation? Here are some more eco-travel tips!

Together we can guarantee a sustainable future! Check out Greenheart Exchange for ways to promote environmentalism through cultural exchange.