Global to Local: How to Apply Your Work and Travel Experience to Your Career

By: Sarah Davis – Greenheart Exchange Work and Travel Operations Coordinator

So you traveled to the United States for a summer, worked for a dynamic host organization, made amazing friends from all over the world, and stepped up your social media game by traveling to some Instagram worthy destinations. Now you are back home looking for a job.  DO NOT let your experience on the Summer Work Travel program live only in your Facebook photo albums. Turn those amazing experiences into transferable skills you can apply to any job in the world!

While in the United States on your Summer Work Travel program, did you…

  • Speak another language, maybe English? Then you gained language skills.
  • Interact with Americans during your workday, either customers or coworkers? You developed your communication skills.
  • Feel homesick but found ways to adapt to a life away from home? You developed perseverance and strength.
  • Change shifts with a coworker? You demonstrated flexibility.
  • Volunteer in your local community? That takes initiative.
  • Make it to the end of the month with just enough money to pay rent, buy food, and do something fun with friends? Then you learned some skills about budgeting.
  • Take photos and videos of your travels and friends who you made in the U.S.? That counts as marketing and social media experience.
  • Work out an issue with a co-worker or friend? Sounds like you learned conflict resolution.

These are all transferable skills from your experiences in the United States that will benefit you with your next employer.

These are all skills any employer in any industry is looking for, which you have honed during your Summer Work Travel program experience. So show them off in an interview and prove why you are the best candidate for the job!

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