Discovering Joy at Niagara Falls

By: Anastasia Jeleznii, Greenheart Exchange Work and Travel participant

I am Anastasia, a participant from Moldova in Eastern Europe. Three years ago, I came to the United States as a tourist to visit Los Angeles and discovered Hollywood, the Walk of Fame, and Universal Studios. This summer I am back, but on the other side of the country: New York!

So far, the highlight of my trip has been visiting Niagara Falls. I arrived in the afternoon with my heart beating quickly in anticipation. The waterfall was a magical place. Along with the powerful sound and brisk wind, there were colorful lights that painted the waterfall different colors. I felt like I was in a fantasy movie with such an amazing view! My heart was full of wonder and happiness.

I returned the next morning and it was a completely different sight! While walking along the boats, I saw fields of green grass and birds singing in the fresh air, making me feel energized and calm, all at the same time. When I approached the waterfall, I decided to take a shower… a Niagara shower! It was truly paradise! This place looks like a slice of heaven. It is definitely one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. For about ten minutes there was a huge smile on my face and I was filled with so many emotions. My excursion from New York to Niagara Falls was by far the best one yet!

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