Cultural Exchange: Two Winter Work Travel Participants Share Why it Matters

The Winter Work Travel season is coming to an end and soon our international participants will return home.  It’s a good time to reflect on the core component of this program….cultural exchange and increasing mutual understanding.

We asked our participants:  How did this cultural exchange program impact you? What did you learn about yourself and others?

Here are two responses from Greenheart Work and Travel participants in Pennsylvania:


For me the best part was exercising my English and also being able to enjoy and make real friendships with the local community. And yes, they changed a lot, I was able to see how it really is the culture and the community surrounding the resort.

I’ll say that was the best experience in my life so far, that helped me desenvolve (unwrap) and understand more about other parts of the world.


What I like the best was to meet new people, make some new friends that I’m never going to forget and share with them all this experience.

I recommend it 100%, because it is an experience you have to live, and that helps you to grow up.

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