A Passion for Volunteering

By: Fang Fang, Summer Work and Travel Participant

I’ve taken part in many volunteer activities since before high school. I enjoy being a volunteer and the experience of being a volunteer also benefits me a lot, which is why Greenheart Exchange was the perfect fit for me! It’s so great that I get to carry my love for volunteering all the way to the United States.

Before entered college, I used to work in the local library as a volunteer. I loved volunteering at the library so much, that when I got to college, I sought out other kinds of volunteer work. I’ve participated in many volunteer activities including at the wildlife park, the hospital, the library and so on. At the wildlife park, I show people the way and help keep the park in order. At the library, I help keep it quiet and neat. At the hospital, I help people make the appointments online. On August 13th, I volunteered for the park clean up in Custer State Park with my friends, which was my first volunteer work in America. We picked up rubbish on the lawn and cleaned the house. During the work, we cooperated and helped each other, and spent a great time together.

Being a volunteer offers me lots of opportunities to communicate with others. Though I like communicating with people and making new friends, I used to be a very shy and introverted person indeed. Thanks to the experience of volunteering, I’ve been able to communicate with people naturally and become more and more outgoing. I’ve also met many warmhearted people and become friends with other volunteers who were full of energy. What’s more, I believe it’s meaningful to help people in need and enjoy the pure happiness from helping others very much.