A Holiday in the United States

By: Daiana Jara, 2018 Greenheart Exchange Work and Travel participant

Celebrating Christmas away from my country (Paraguay) was hard, but I was very happy to share the best of Paraguay with Americans and Peruvians. Though it was different from how I celebrate at home, it was a very special night. I was far away from my family and country, but this holiday, the emotions were different. I was experiencing my first Christmas with other young people who shared the same dreams as me!

We celebrated by eating a traditional Paraguayan meal, and ate it by the fireplace in our host organization’s home; this was special because I was able to cook for our celebration! I often cook at home in Paraguay, but I have never cooked for Christmas before. Luckily, everyone liked it – and I hope to cook more when I get back home.

This was a very special holiday; I felt the love and affection of everyone around me. It was unforgettable, and I learned that dreams come true. I never thought that I would be in the United States, before I would just see pictures of it in the movies, but now it is my reality! This was such a unique experience and I will remember it forever.

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