5 Things Myrtle Beach Taught Me

By: Elissa Yonkers, Greenheart Exchange Work and Travel Services Manager

Every American city is different, and Myrtle Beach was full of its own quirks! Check out the top five fun things I learned on my trip!

  1. A golf cart is a valid form of transportation around town, and available for rental throughout Myrtle Beach. While I rented a regular car, I spent my whole trip wishing I could just drive a golf cart instead!
  2. “Sun showers” are common events. No one was ever surprised (except for me!) when it rained, even when there weren’t any clouds. Fortunately, the rain never lasted very long. People seemed to wait the rain out and then continued with their day. In Chicago, our rain showers are very different. You can usually see the large dark clouds on the horizon as they roll in, and generally, know when to pack your umbrella.
  3. Selfie-sticks can be charged! This was a fun fact I learned while visiting some participants. They wanted to take a selfie, but their selfie-stick wasn’t charged. Fortunately, one of the participants had long arms, so we were able to take the picture the old-fashioned way. I guess I am a little too old for the selfie-stick craze, but I had no idea that you had to charge them; I thought they just held the phone!
  4. Hotels and amusement parks hide their Human Resources departments in the oddest places. During my visit to Myrtle Beach, I met with several HR professionals, but finding them was NOT easy. They had offices in what might have once been storage areas, parking garages, and even in the back of an arcade!
  5. Participants in Myrtle Beach are AWESOME! Of course, I suspected this going in… but after meeting with them and getting to hang out with several of them- my suspicions were confirmed!

Every city has its own unique quirks that make it special! Want to discover what makes a United States city unique? Check out our Summer Work Travel program to see how you can get involved!