Visiting Chicago on my Summer Work Travel Program

By: Estefanny Milagros Rodriguez Pastor, 2018 Greenheart Exchange Work and Travel participant

I took advantage of being in America by spending two days in Chicago with my boyfriend. We went to the Willis Tower, Lincoln Park Zoo, and Millennium Park to see the Bean. My favorite place that we visited was the Willis Tower. In Peru, we don’t have any buildings as tall as the Willis Tower, the biggest being just 30 floors in comparison to the Willis Tower’s 110 floors. It was amazing! I even video chatted with my mom back home to show her the view from the top of the tower, which was very exciting to share with her.

Lincoln Park Zoo was beautiful, and it also had a great view of the city and the lake. It was really funny to see llamas at the zoo, since llamas are from my country of Peru!

Lastly, we visited Millennium Park where we took pictures of our reflection in the Bean, and I saw a skating rink for the first time in person! When I saw the skating rink, I felt like I was in a movie as that is the only time I had ever seen one before.

I just want to say thank you to Greenheart for helping me to have this experience. I will never regret choosing to do this program with Greenheart; it has allowed me to learn so much more about American culture and to have such wonderful experiences – just like the one that I had in Chicago!

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