Pavo, Pavo! Oh No! No Hay Pavo.

by Brooke Bobela, Greenheart Travel School to School Exchange Teacher in Spain

Finally- I get to tell you about our Thanksgiving celebration. I think its safe to say that we will all remember this Thanksgiving for the rest of our lives! I decided to take the entire group out for dinner so we could all be together on this day, and since I knew we were all missing our big dinners with our families.

We went to Zamora- a restaurant owned by one of the Spanish families. It was a unique little place with some interesting food- but NO TURKEY! So, improvisation was necessary! We all ordered some interesting things to share, and the dessert was really good= a version of apple pie and a fantastic carrot cake with homemade whipped cream. Lindsay enjoyed the chai.

Since it was our 2nd to last evening in Spain, we reminisced about what we had done, the hurdles that everyone overcame and the fun that we had! The School to School exchange was an incredible learning experience and one that we would not forget! So, even though we missed our families, we were together and supporting each other- our group had really become its own family!