Bailando Con Caballos in Segovia

by Brooke Bobela, Greenheart Travel School to School Exchange Teacher in Spain

Saturday was really great! Some of the Greenheart Travel School to School Exchange group met up at the house of a famous matador. It turns out that his daughter goes to the school we are visiting in Segovia. They live in the outskirts of town and invited us to see their special horses and some tame toros that they use for training in the Corrida de Toros. Luke, Taylor and I took advantage of this opportunity and were able to ride these magnificent animals. These horses are trained especially for the Corrida. They teach them how to dance and move with the bulls to tire them out. In the Corrida, they are dressed with chain mail- so they are more protected from the bull horns. It was incredible to see what these horses could do, and the training and care that they receive.

Taylor and Luke were really getting into the moment! They held the Banderillas and saw the special espadas (swords) that are used at the end of the Corrida. The have a small bull ring and a special pen to train the horses. It was a very interesting experience! Even Profe went for a horse ride! I must say the horses were intimidating, because they were so big, but so majestic and strong. Thank you to Pedro and to the family for inviting us to their house and their wonderful farm!