Recognizing Service at Greenheart Exchange

By Laura Rose, CEO, CCI Greenheart (Greenheart International)

Last month, CCI Greenheart implemented Service Awards to recognize staff who have been with the organization for five, ten, or 15 years of service. For this first award ceremony, we recognized staff who have been with us for 5-9 years (the 5 year service award); 10-14 years (the 10 year service award); and 15 years or more (the phenomenal 15 year service award)! We are excited that 25% of our full-time staff has now been with us for five years or more, and we hope that percentage continues to grow.

Our 5 year Service Award recipients were:
Nicole Cook (9 yrs.), Andrea Dennis (7 yrs.), Joanna Flagler (7 yrs.), Mary (Muffy) Grant (7 yrs.), Liz Henning (8 yrs.) Melissa Hickok (5 yrs.), Karen Hilgefort (6 yrs.), Adriana Klopfer (5 yrs.), Katherine Lapinski (9 yrs.), John Matthews (8 yrs.), Erin Nyhan (6 yrs.), Leslie Patt (6 yrs.), Jude Rodriguez (7 yrs.), Colleen Schaefers (5 yrs.), Lori Tibbett (9 yrs.), Gwen Vitzthum (9 yrs.) and Monica Yates (9 yrs.)


Pictured Above: Monica Yates, Liz Henning, Gwen Vitzthum, John Matthews, Jude Rodriguez, Leslie Patt, Melissa Hickok, Joanna Flagler, Kate Lapinski, Andrea Dennis

Our 10 year Service Award recipients were:
Carolyn Behl (12 yrs.), Daniel Ebert (13 yrs.), Juliet Jones (12 yrs.), Megan McGaughey (12 yrs.)


Pictured Above: Daniel Ebert, Carolyn Behl and Megan McGaughey

Our 15 year Service Award recipients were:
Claudia Curran (18 yrs.), Connie Dean (15 yrs.), Emanuel Kuntzelman (28 yrs.), Laura Rose (19 yrs.), Lee White (16 yrs.)


Pictured Above: Claudia Curran

Congratulations to all of our award recipients! We are grateful for your commitment to CCI Greenheart, and we look forward to recognizing more staff at the 2nd annual award ceremony next spring.