My Cultural Exchange Experience in the United States

By: Ariana Puentes Graham, Greenheart Exchange Senior Employer Services Manager

At the end of July, I had the pleasure of visiting Grand Teton Lodge National Park. Greenheart placed over 30 participants in the area, so I headed there to visit our participants and host organizations. As I explored the beautiful terrain and talked to staff members and participants about the area, I learned some pretty cool things about the park. Did you know that…

  1. The Teton Mountains (which span 40 miles long) are the youngest in the Rocky Mountains and even one of the youngest in the world?
  2. The mystery of the first mountain man in the United States takes place at Grand Teton? John Colter is considered by many to be America’s first mountain man. A stone was discovered at the park with John’s initials in the year 1808. Though it’s unknown whatever happened to John, many stories emerged from his mysterious disappearance.
  3. Birds of all shapes and sizes flock there? The array of bird species in the Grand Tetons is fascinating, making it a true dream destination for any bird watcher. J
  4. There are glaciers on the mountains? There are only a few trails that lead to these peaks, but it’s quite a sight to see.
  5. 61 different species of mammals have been recorded in the National Park? From bison to river otters; animals, big and small, call this beautiful park ‘home’. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see any with my own eyes… maybe next time!

These are just a few of the fun facts I learned during my exploration of Grand Teton National Park!

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