Lessons Learned in Wisconsin Dells

By: Audrey Hutnick, Greenheart Exchange Work and Travel Marketing Coordinator

From the first day I joined the Greenheart family, it has been very apparent to me that Greenheart Exchange’s Work and Travel program is all about learning. Because of this, and our daily focus on facilitating cultural exchange, it was no surprise that my first Going Greenheart Tour in the Wisconsin Dells area had no shortage of learning opportunities!

I learned that many of our Turkish participants, who are spending their summer in Baraboo, Wisconsin, absolutely love their local Kwik Trip gas station and the variety of cheap hamburgers and hot dogs available there. I learned that our Jordanian participants, who are working at a water park, love their summer so much that they want to extend their program dates and soak up as many days in the Dells as possible. Finally, I also learned that our host organizations can be awesome rock stars, who have developed thorough resources to assist their participants! So much knowledge and expertise exists—and this wealth of knowledge needs to be shared within our community!

The three days I spent with my colleague, Renee Clarke, visiting the 10 host organizations and roughly 75 participants in the Wisconsin Dells quickly came and went. But, the lessons learned and inspiration gained on the way will stay with me for a long time. I cannot wait to use these new lessons to continue supporting our stakeholders to keep blossoming.

Would you like to learn some new lessons and check out a new city? Check out our Summer Work Travel program to see how you can get involved!