Language Learning in Cape Cod!

By: Fernando Vazquez, Greenheart  Work and Travel Housing Assistant

Going Greenheart Tours (GGHTs) are very special as they give Greenheart staff the chance to meet and interact with our Summer Work Travel participants. I was especially excited to go on this trip, as this was my first GGHT, and what better place to go than Cape Cod, Massachusetts! Before I left, I thought the best part of the trip would be getting to travel to a new place. I had heard how amazing and beautiful this area was and how very different it was from Chicago. I will admit it definitely lived up to all the hype. However, the best part of this trip was, by far, interacting with the participants and seeing them working at their jobs. One participant stuck out to me, which is no surprise, as his host organization nicknamed him “Tarzan”!

On my third day in Cape Cod, I, along with my colleague Renee, stopped to visit a restaurant in Bourne, MA. We didn’t know if any of our participants would be working, but we were hoping for the best. Sure enough, we spotted two of our participants. We were able to sit down with them and talk about how they were doing.

I started talking with one of the participants from Kazakhstan. He said this was his very first time visiting the United States and he was so happy to be able to participate. He was very outgoing and excited during our conversation, and he said that he was the same way when working. His co-workers commented on his stamina and were amazed that he never got tired. When Renee and I later met with his supervisor, we learned this was the reason he was nicknamed “Tarzan”!

I was impressed with the charisma, work ethic, and English levels of Tarzan. At one point, he commented that he was sorry for his “bad English”, which I immediately let him know was not the case. I told him he should be just as confident in his English skills as he is with his work. The sheer happiness and gratitude he showed for the opportunity of being a part of Greenheart reminded me why we do the work that we do. These experiences make it worthwhile!

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