Discovering North Dakota’s Great Outdoors

By: Rachel Shi, Greenheart Exchange Work and Travel participant

I’m Huashuang or Rachel as people call me here, and I’m from China. This summer I am working in North Dakota as a housekeeper, and I feel very lucky to be here because there are so many kind people, fun activities, and beautiful landscapes!

Every Tuesday, we have a karaoke night in our dining room where we all get together and sing! On Fridays, there is a big bonfire on the top of the hill. We bake all kinds of food together and then eat it while looking at the shining stars in the clear sky and listening to people share their stories. We also organize talent shows to show off our many talents to each other!

Recently, I went hiking with my two best American friends and a group of boys. That day was challenging for me, but with their help and encouragement, I succeeded. We went to the Theodore Roosevelt National Park and saw the Medora Musical! To finish off the day, we went country dancing—it was so much fun!

My best friend here is an American girl who told me about all of these different activities! She also shared many stories with me before leaving. I was sad to see her go, but I feel lucky to have met her this summer.

The people I met here have given me so much! I am so grateful to Medora, North Dakota and Greenheart for this experience.

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