Customer Service that was Above and Beyond!

By: Renee Clarke, Greenheart Exchange Work and Travel, Senior Employer Relations Manager

Arriving at the amusement park for one of Vermont’s top ski resorts, I was excited to be met by one of the biggest smiles on the East Coast, as I was greeted by a Summer Work Travel participant, Marina! This past summer was Marina’s second time visiting the United States on the Summer Work Travel program, and she was so excited to meet Greenheart Exchange, her visa sponsor – and I was just as excited to meet her. The day we met was her last day of work, but she was eager to fill her last moments with as much enjoyment and excitement as the rest of her summer had held.

Coincidentally, that very day, Marina was issued one of the ski resort’s highest medals for customer service! This came in the form of a pin, which is worn next to the employee’s nametag. Earlier in the day (before I even met Marina), I had asked another employee what the pins signified. I was told that it meant that “that staff member must really be excellent and has been identified by name by a guest for being so amazing!”

It was no surprise for me to learn that Marina was such an excellent asset to her workplace over the summer! I heard so many of her colleagues and resort guests rave over “that awesome Russian girl working at the amusement park.” Marina was also proud to show me a copy of the letter she received, where the resort guest complimented her patience and enthusiasm when coaching their nervous daughter.

As a Greenheart staff member who does not normally get to interact with participants, this was a fantastic end to the summer 2017 season!

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