Appreciating Pennsylvania’s Art and Architecture

By: Laura Vanessa Olave Mendez, Greenheart Exchange Work and Travel participant

Greetings from Harrisburg!

This cultural learning experience has been amazing! I love all the places I have visited, but the most amazing places I have seen are the Philadelphia Art Museum and Pennsylvania State Capitol here in Harrisburg!

I love the mixture of nature and architecture in Harrisburg. The buildings here should be appreciated by everyone! When I visited the state capitol, I walked inside and outside to notice every detail, to see how it was constructed, and to learn about the history of Pennsylvania. It is a very beautiful building with a unique geometric form.

The Philadelphia Art Museum was also a special place for me. I went to the museum with my good friend, Carolina, from the Dominican Republic. We took the Amtrak train and met some great people along the way. The people here always make us feel very comfortable! At the museum, we learned about many different things, such as art, painting, architecture, nature, history, and cultures from around the world. This museum is different from the museums in Colombia because at home there aren’t giant spaces reserved for art!

I think that everybody should visit places like these because it makes you feel as if you’ve been transported to another time, as you learn and listen about the past. Art is like heaven–there is no limit!

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