Grasp Your Inspiration

By: Alzbeta Poloncekova, an AYP student and Greenheart Club member from the Czech Republic. Alzbeta is currently spending her year abroad in Colorado.

We intake information from all around us. We create who we are, what we think and how we behave on what surrounds


us. We some see people and we know we want to be just a little more like they are. And right now, as exchange students in our critical stage of life and in time that’s so important to our development, we do it even more than we ever did before.

This year, we got the chance to experience something new and different. Something we adore at some times and don’t understand at others. Our host country has a different culture than ours and some things are done differently. I’m sure all of us miss something about our home countries but appreciate something else about our host countries. It is so very important that we got to see this entire picture and we can base our decisions for life not only on what our culture sees as right, but what we see as right.

This year, I have met a lot of inspirational people, I have gone to a lot of inspirational websites, read a lot of good and interesting quotes. And I wanted to keep a little something from each of these. Something I’ll be able to read through and look at when I need some inspiration. Something, that will keep me going.

alzbeta journal 2Therefore, I created a little notebook for myself. Covered it with stickers that have a personal meaning for me, scotch taped my psychology notes in it and put quotes from songs, from famous people, from my teachers in it. I do a lot of brainstorming in it too. That way, I can always go back to it when I need it.

Our minds aren’t always great and we don’t remember everything we’d like to remember, thus it’s nice if we can keep it somewhere else. It’s up to you where you keep your inspiration. Just don’t be afraid to grasp it and live based on your beliefs and your understanding of others. Go out there and try to make a difference whenever you can. Try doing a little better every single time so that eventually you can say you followed your inspirations to a meaningful life.