Giving the Gift of Knowledge: A Hawaiian Book Sale

By Elyse Voyen, CCI Greenheart Part Time Program Assistant for the Greenheart Club

CCI Greenheart Local Coordinator Pamela Wang organized a wonderful Greenheart project in Hawaii, which benefited the local library, her community, and the exchange students that participated. Pamela and her exchange students worked with the library to sell books at discounted prices in order to encourage reading in their community.

Ines Tumysheva further explains the project and shares some insightful thoughts on the importance of projects such as this.

“Every second Saturday of the month there is a Book Sale at the library. All the exchange students at my school and the NHS kids from another high schools come to help Kailua Kona Library. We help to set up the book sale by moving many boxes and organizing the books, so it’s easier for people to see them. Why do we do it? Unfortunately, nowadays, people read less and less, and we believe that our book sales will make a difference. Also the sale will earn money, usually between $1500 and $1800 which benefits the library.

The director of the sale mentioned that the help of the volunteers, especially exchange students, makes a big difference for the library’s staff. The library can buy more books and CDs and DVDs. For the volunteers this is a good chance to meet another high achievers, people with the same interests, to get more ideas of how to help their communities and the whole world!”

Ines’s thoughts illustrate how Pamela’s project impacts the lives of so many people in her community. We at CCI Greenheart would like to thank her for creating such a wonderful project and in doing so, involving more and more students in volunteering.