A Volunteer Day in the Life of Alex

By Alex She, CCI Greenheart High School Exchange Student

Alex is a CCI Greenheart exchange student from China, who has been placed in Texas. He is a member of the Greenheart Club and has, thus far, completed 8 hours of service. He is also a member of the Greenheart Club’s Service Leader Prep Program which educates, equips, and empowers its members. As a member, Alex has gone through a special, educational, service learning orientation, and he will be required to do a service learning project during his time as an exchange student. 

Hi, I am Alex, I have joined a school volunteer club called interact club; I think it is the similar to the Key club. We have weekly meetings every Thursday!

Today, we talked about the activities we will be doing. They also invited me to make a speech about my exchange program because I am a foreign exchange student. They wanted to know how I came to America and how long I will be studying here.

After the meeting, we went to collect the recycling from each class. I went to the history hallway with my friends to recycle. After, they added up our volunteer hours. When we reach a certain number of hours, we get a prize!

I think the most difficult thing for me, is sometimes I don’t understand what I am asked to do when I volunteer. Fortunately, I succeeded in making a lot of friends in this club, and they keep me calm and slowly say things to me a second time.

I am so happy that I have been able to make a lot of friends here, and they are all so nice to me! When I have a problem, I can ask them for help. I think I will have a wonderful exchange year!



Alex's Friends

Alex’s Friends

Alex's friends

Alex’s Friends!