Party on the Pavement Volunteering with Freddy

By Freddy Wilhelm, CCI Greenheart High School Exchange Student

Freddy is a foreign exchange student from Germany who is living in Wisconsin. He is a member of the Greenheart Club and has thus far logged 16 hours. He is also a member of the Greenheart Club’s Service Leader Prep Program which educates, equips, and empowers its members. As a member, Freddy has gone through a special, educational, service learning orientation, and he will be required to do a service learning project during his time as an exchange student. 

I was volunteering at Party on the Pavement, which is a citywide event in Racine. There was a lot of stuff going on, people had put up their stands and there was a Ferris Wheel too. First, I helped my host dad put up his stand to promote his own business. Later, I helped my school theater group with their face painting booth. My contribution was talking to people that seemed interested and informing them about the prices of the face painting. Then, I looked for  students who were free and sent kids to them to get their faces painted. Later that day I also volunteered for the Racine Art Museum. They let kids draw whatever they wanted to on a big sheet with circles on it. Every kid could choose one circle, and when it was done, they would hang it up at a different museum. I was telling the kids what they can do and informing the parents about the program.This day was really awesome, because I did volunteer work, but it did not feel like working. It was a beautiful day, sunny and warm, and all the work was outside, so I could enjoy the weather. I am happy that I did all of it.

Freddy's photo 2