What’s going on at an International Job Fair? Greenheart reports from Thailand!

Greenheart Exchange is in the midst of Job Fair season, helping our Host Organizations interview and hire the seasonal staff needed for the coming summer. We have a variety of job fairs to meet the needs of businesses:  International Job Fairs (in locations like Thailand…keep reading!), Virtual Job Fairs, and Greenheart World’s Fair interview sessions in Chicago.

Recently, our own Renee Clarke accompanied some of our Host Organizations to Thailand for in-person interview sessions. Here is her report from Thailand and some insights on what happens at an International Job Fair:


International Job Fairs with Greenheart means traveling to do in-person interviews with participants who are pre-screened for their English levels, prepared for the job they are interviewing for, and have had an overview of the Summer Work Travel (SWT) Program, including deadlines and regulations. International Job Fair events are a whirlwind of amazing energy. Here’s what is happening:

  • Participants are practicing answers and getting ready to engage in a different language. Some arrive alone, quickly making friends and after-program travel plans. Small groups quiz one another on the jobs and locations. A few work on homework assignments for the next day as they are in between classes.

  • Host Organization (employers) are getting their interview notes and maps ready to show the students where their new home-away-from-home will be for the upcoming summer.
    • The host organizations I traveled with shared how the level of trust is sparked in these first moments of the interviews. Seeing the participants in-person helps move through potential communication barriers  and quickly builds deeper understanding as they see what such a big trip may be like for the eager candidates on the other side of the interview table. Hosts also get some keen insight to cultural differences they will need to prep their team in the USA on.

  • Sending Partners are tying-out documents and answering last-minute questions for participants. Support staff, many of whom are former SWT participants, are preparing to give presentations on their experiences and going above and beyond to make sure their special guests have all they need for a fantastic exchange.
  • Greenheart staffers are sorting out any last-minute details for the presentations and preparing for the interviews they may be conducting on behalf of non-traveling Hosts.

Afterwards, we dove into the culture of the country with a volunteer project and excursion for Thai massages. Eating local is worth the trip alone–sticky rice with mango!

No matter how many hours are spent in transit, coming face-to-face with everyone and getting to experience the Thai culture is priceless–and it all leads to a rich summer season! Thanks to our Host Organizations, Sending Partners, and Participants!


Thanks Renee for sharing and a special thanks to our Host Organizations, Sending Agencies, and all the people who came out to the Job Fair in Thailand.

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