Why organizations hire Greenheart Interns and Trainees

Career advancement is something that most of us look for throughout our lives. Whether our goal is to be a VP of marketing, an IT wizard, or to own our own architectural firm, there are stepping stones to get there. Anyone who has advanced in their career knows that success means hard work, education, perserverance, and it often takes experience to get more experience. That’s the goal of internships and trainee programs–providing the employee with hands-on training while also giving the company fresh points of view and extra hands. One advantage that employees have in today’s world is that organizations also want to grow, and for them, having a global perspective is critical in accomplishing that.

Greenheart’s Career Advancement Program opens growth opportunities for both individuals and organizations who want to have a cultural exchange experience.


As organizations elevate their focus on diversity, Greenheart’s Career Advancement Program is a natural way to bring new global viewpoints to internal teams. Through our cultural exchange program, organizations welcome and train international university students, recent graduates, and/or those with five or more years of experience. Popular placements include opportunities in engineering, architecture, design, marketing, communications, technology, law, banking, accounting, and logistics. 

International interns/trainees can complement your workforce and domestic internship programs. Small businesses with limited resources can benefit from having diverse viewpoints in our ever-more competitive global market. There is no cost for an organization to host, though an intern/trainee must receive a stipend while on the program. Intern/Trainees are in the USA for 12-18 months. 

Watch this video about how one small business owner benefited from hosting an international intern/trainee in his company. 

Professional development in the United States helps international intern/trainees beyond their chosen fields of study–it also gives them a unique chance to experience the American way of life and how we do business. This increases mutual understanding and paves the way for greater global cooperation. 

Employers who are interested in transforming their businesses with diverse, international talent and/or in training individuals to start/staff overseas branches of their companies will find that the Greenheart Career Advancement Program is an excellent place to begin.

Interested in hiring an intern/trainee for your business?

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