There’s something about this place…

By: Carmi Nicole Aviles Cal, Greenheart Exchange Career Advancement Programs Participant

I didn’t expect that I would enjoy the very first day of my stay here in North Carolina!

I’ve met my roommates and other staff of the hotel and we get along well. I love the people around me; they’re welcoming and easy to be with. Also, the views of every part of the property are so astounding. I’m also enjoying the foods, though I do miss Filipino food a bit. But that’s what I am here for, to adapt and enjoy American culture. And I am really enjoying it!

The pictures I’ve shared show how excited I am to explore more of North Carolina, and learn more about the American service standard with my host organization. I will for sure enhance my knowledge and abilities and be able to perform well when I get back to the Philippines.

Of course, while we’re training, we’re also enjoying a lot. It’s amazing how waterfalls are so close to the road here and near to my host organization. What a beautiful place indeed!

Every time we’re off work, we tour the property of my host organization or go somewhere close by to visit or hike. I love how free we are to explore the nature and the state, to explore more of America.

I came up with this drawing about North Carolina. These are the things I have seen and love about the state and my host organization. That’s not all though! Hopefully, I’ll also draw some more about North Carolina. The water mill beside the lake is one of my favorite places so far. It is so romantic and peaceful, you feel those emotions just by looking at it.

I believe that this is really the place for me.

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