Hosting an International Intern/Trainee at your U.S. Host Organization- plethora of benefits!

If you are a U.S. business willing to provide a career enhancing and cultural exchange experience to a bright, energetic international student, recent graduate, or professional, the Career Advancement Program (CAP) is right for you. This program is ideal for internationally-minded U.S. businesses looking to increase their visibility in the global marketplace.

The Intern/Trainee Program is an opportunity to play an influential role in the development and evolution of several career fields at an international scale. More than just a work program, it requires direct supervision and structured guidance as the Intern or Trainee gains hands-on experience in their field. These programs, usually between six and 18 months in length, emphasize professional development and cultural exchange so that participants may share their newfound knowledge with their networks at home.

What does the program entail?
Participating as a host on this program entails welcoming talented students and professionals from another country to your staff and to your local community. Participants will train alongside staff in a full-time position and with direct guidance from a designated supervisor. The supervisor should monitor and evaluate the participants’ progress so that their skills improve over the course of the program. Additionally, hosts and their interns/trainees often develop strong bonds built over months of work-based learning as well as through community and cultural exchange. In addition to hosting the participant’s training, some hosts may elect to provide housing, arrange local outings, or organize cultural events for their interns/trainees. The possibilities are endless!

Since they play a major role in the implementation and success of the program, the hands-on supervisor (not just HR or talent acquisition department) needs to be on-board and enthusiastic about the program.

Impact on hosts:

Capacity building, adopting an international outlook, and building new connections in the international market are on the list of positive results of hosting an international intern/trainee. How so? Hosts can gain insight into their industry at an international level, expose their staff to cross-cultural communication, and expand their networks internationally by hosting with the Intern/Trainee Program.

The different components of the CAP:
Hosting with CAP means committing to a detailed training plan with the participant(s). These details, recorded in an official document called the “Training/Internship Placement Plan” should always be followed in order to keep participants and hosts accountable to their shared goals. In addition, hosts are required to submit a midpoint and final evaluation for each participant on the program. These brief questionnaires help Greenheart to understand the performance and progress of each participant from their supervisor’s perspective.

Hints and tips to write a good Training/Internship Placement Plan (T/IPP):
Greenheart’s Employer Relations Manager, Kathy Coleman, explains:
Hosting an intern or trainee can be a truly rewarding experience for U.S. businesses, and we understand that many organizations might have concerns about creating a training plan. We want to alleviate those concerns and make the process as seamless as possible. One question we often hear is, “Is it hard to create a training plan?” The answer is a resounding no. We’re here to support our host organizations every step of the way. We offer a comprehensive Best Practices Guide that provides insights, tips, and a step-by-step approach to crafting effective training plans. We also provide sample plans that can serve as templates, making it easier to get started. If needed, we’re more than happy to assist in drafting language specific to your organization’s needs. In addition, we offer a range of helpful tools and resources that can be utilized to complete the plan, ensuring it meets both your expectations and the intern’s or trainee’s learning objectives. Furthermore, our team is always available to review your drafts and provide valuable editing suggestions, ensuring that your training plan is top-notch. We’re committed to helping host organizations succeed in their intern and trainee programs, making the experience as beneficial and hassle-free as possible.

Program Support to ensure a smooth program:
Greenheart offers 24-hour support to participants and hosts during the program. Should any questions, concerns, or issues arise, our team is available to assist and ensure that things run smoothly. From participant health concerns to editing T/IPPs, we are here to help. Hosts will be expected to communicate with us and be responsive if we reach out about an issue.

Key pointers for a successful hosting experience:
Following the T/IPP and submitting evaluations is a Department of State requirement.
Interns/trainees cannot be used to fill business/staffing needs.
Hosts need to have the staff, the space, and the resources to support participant training. Things like high staff turnover rate and closures of certain spaces or locations within the business commonly have negative impacts on pax’s programs.

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