Why I love being a Host Sister

Hey y’all!  If you have ever thought about hosting a foreign exchange student now is the time!

My family hosted a student last year and loved it so much we are going to host again this year. I was a host sister to Matteo, a student from Italy. I will talk a little bit about my experience to hopefully convince you that this is an experience you will not regret.

First, you meet so many families that are also hosting. Connie Polk, the Greenheart Local Coordinator does an amazing job connecting the students and the families. We got so close to many other families that were hosting and were able to make lifelong connections.

Second, hosting makes you more empathetic. I think by hosting and adding someone to our family, it made us closer and more empathetic to each other. You learn so much about different cultures and feel yourself growing connected to someone else.

Third, I felt it prepared me for college. While it sounds silly, I am going to be living in a dorm this year and having already experienced living with someone I didn’t know at first for a whole year I feel much more prepared to bring up any situations or roommate disagreements that might occur.

Fourth, you are giving a student the opportunity of lifetime. Even if school is starting in a week. It is not too late to sign up. Please visit HOSTwithGREENHEART.org today! I have never spoken to someone who hosted who regretted it.

Fifth, this opportunity led my family to having doors opened that were never an option before. For me, I was able to model in Junk 2 Funk, something that was only a dream that I hoped would come true. We traveled to LA and NYC.

Finally, I had a support system of wonderful friends who supported me when college decisions came out and helped me find the college I am so happy to be at. Matteo from Italy, Paul from Germany, Bia from Brazil, and Chiara from Italy all helped me tour colleges and supported me through rejections and celebrated the acceptances with me. Hosting will not just be a yearly thing– it will be a lifelong thing. Please consider hosting today!

Signed, A former and current host sister, Madison


Thank you Madison for sharing your story!  Interested in hosting?  HOSTwithGREENHEART.org.

Can’t host right now, but know a great family who might host?  Refer with Greenheart and if they host, you’ll get a $500 Virtual Visa Reward card!