Arizona Team Greenheart!

By Elyse Voyen, Greenheart Club Intern

On November 2nd CCI Greenheart’s Regional Manager Kendra Uhan organized a volunteer event at her local Maricopa County Animal Shelter. She and her wonderful group of volunteers, comprised of CCI Greenheart Exchange Students, Host Families, and Local Coordinators, worked hard cleaning cages, kennels, outdoor areas and walking the dogs. Kendra expressed to CCI Greenheart that “giving back to our community is fabulous, we are Arizona Team Greenheart!” She also noted that she is planning another service day soon. Her enthusiasm is contagious and, as illustrated in her photos below, the whole team looks like they’re having so much fun! It encourages all of us to get out there and volunteer!

Kendra Uhan volunteer photo2

Kendra Uhan volunteer photoKendra uhan volunteer photo 4Kenra uhan photo 6Kendra uhan volunteer photo 5Kendra Uhan volunteer photo3