Making memories in Michigan

Chloe Hallard, from France, has been placed in Michigan from July 5th to August 15th on our Independent Homestay Program. She is volunteering a couple hours a week. She took the time to tell Greenheart about her first three weeks on the program:

“This experience is a great success! I arrived in this great host family three weeks ago. I stayed a week and a half with them in Northern Michigan. It took us 5 minutes to bike to the lake, where we did many activities: boating, jet skiing, biking, beach, visits of surrounding cities, shopping and concerts. Then we went back to their house in Laingsburg, where I started volunteering at the camp. It was challenging, especially at first with the language barrier, but kids are sweet, and our activities are fun! We went kayaking, we did archery, art workshops, and visited the zoo. We also planned fun activities in the forest as well as afternoons at the beach. I decided to cook some typical French recipes for my host family and some of their friends! For example, we made crepes together!

At camp I met Titouan, another French student. He’s become my best ally, which has made my relationship with the kids easier because he has a better understanding of English whereas I have better speaking skills! It’s been a real asset to this experience!

Roy Thelen is my local coordinator. Roy and his wife Sally took me as well as other exchange students to a baseball game! What a great experience! I also had the opportunity to discover American malls and movie theaters.

I still have three more weeks of this amazing adventure! I really feel confident about the upcoming weeks left on the program!”.

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