Local Coordinator Spotlight: Amanda Moran of Michigan

By Jillian Sims, HSP Compliance and Operations Manager

Amanda Moran of Michigan has been an LC for CCI Greenheart for 3 years and has placed a total of 23 students for us, including those on the Grant and Independent Homestay programs. Her best recruiting technique? Asking family and friends and utilizing social media, like Facebook pages.

She also hosts students herself, which helps her to be a firsthand advocate for the program.

“By hosting it shows that I truly believe in what I do. I am able to share with the families the wonderful experiences my family has had. I am able to tell them about how much my kids love it and how much they have learned from the wonderful experience of hosting. Plus my friends and family have been able to see how wonderful it is by meeting and spending time with my kids. Even if they don’t host they help me spread the word.”

For Amanda, so much of the reward of being an LC is tied to the knowledge that she has helped to be a part of this amazing experience for her students and host families. “I love to see the joy that the exchange students bring into the host family’s home. I also love to see the exchange student’s dreams come true.”

Amanda also enjoys seeing all of the experiences shared by families and students over social media. She looks forward to more memories in the making, talking about an upcoming group outing to Mackinaw Island. “I am so grateful that CCI Greenheart has given me and my family the opportunity to go on these trips and to make these memories with the other wonderful host families and all the amazing exchange students.”

But what, for Amanda, makes CCI Greenheart stand out amongst all of the other exchange organizations? She points to her supportive team and in particular, her Regional Manager, Lisa Jensen. Amanda says “I am so grateful that CCI Greenheart brought this person into my life. I have made so many friends in my journey… CCI Greenheart is all about helping out the community and I love that. Not only have we taught the exchange students the importance of helping people but it has also taught my children.”

Thinking about becoming a Local Coordinator with CCI Greenheart? Amanda offers a few encouraging words of endorsement, besides that “It is the best job ever.” What can you expect when you join our team? Amanda offers that you get the opportunity to meet people from around the world and in your own community, as well as being part of offering enriching and fun opportunities to give back to your community. But there is also a community of support.

Amanda says “I would make sure they knew there are always people to help them with whatever issue they have to deal with and that you are never alone. CCI Greenheart has great staff to always guide you in the right direction. I would also share with them all the great opportunities you have as an LC to also travel the world.”

With CCI Greenheart, Amanda has had the chance to travel to Miami and is planning on attending our incentive conference to Greece in 2017. Won’t you join her and start your journey into cultural exchange as a Local Coordinator?