Howdy from Texas…and Tajikistan!

Greenheart Exchange welcomes international students from all over the world to
learn more about our culture, to travel around our unique landscapes, and to create new
friendships. We love to hear from our host families and our travelers…what they saw, what they thought, and what they learned from the exchange experience.

Here’s a recent bit from Zarofat, who hails from Tajikistan and spent last year here in the USA.

Howdy to you all from Texas!

I was an exchange student and spent around 10 months living in Corpus Christi, Texas.

What I learned about Texas

Texans have a long heritage of being proud of their state. The natural beauty of Texas, the small towns and the different types of food you can find there are the most memorable and interesting things about my host state. With Texas bordering Mexico, there’s a great deal of Mexican and South American immigrants which is really obvious in the food and culture. Because of that, there’s always something for everyone in Texas!

What I recommend to someone about to come to the USA for a high school exchange

I had the good fortune to graduate from my home school and then go as an exchange student to America, where I was enrolled in Richard King High School. I was surrounded by peers and immersed in the culture and language from the beginning of my stay. I felt lonely sometimes, locked up in my culture shock. But with all the struggle comes a big satisfaction at the end of it. High schools in America will be very diverse–and I’m not talking about race. It’s about the students, their choices, interests, and lifestyles.

During my stay there, I learned Americans are very open and talkative. I recommend you speak up. If you need something, if something is bothering you talk to someone. There will be a lot of people ready to help you out. My exchange year shaped who I am and I’m very grateful I had the chance to do it!

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