How to Discover the World by Hosting Exchange Students

by: Mikaela Fleck, Short Term Programs Intern

Brent and Scott’s hosting experience opened new doors to their Californian cultural norms:

Here’s why!

Over the past couple of years Brent and Scott have had students all over the globe stay with them, including France and Spain.

It all started when Scott and Brent were vacationing in France and they got an email that there was a need for families to host exchange students from France. They thought that “it would be a great way to extend our experience and repay the kindness that we felt while we were there!” Every day was a chance to learn new things about their host students’ culture and share parts of their own…through language, music and food.

As a host family you will be able to see your host student experience American culture for the first time! This offers a unique perspective for Americans to view their own culture through unfamiliar eyes and enables you to reflect on what makes America so unique. You will also be able to share an international bond with your exchange student, something that Brent and Scott are so thankful for!

Photo Courtesy of Brent Macleys and Scott Macanas


“We didn’t expect that we would meet such great extended members of the families and become such good friends with some of them. We’ve remained in contact with them over the years.”

They have memories of enjoying time together in Hawaii, Los Angeles, Yosemite and San Francisco with the students over the past couple years.

Photo Courtesy of Brent Macleys and Scott Macanas


“We’ve had parents come and visit us. We’ve also gone to Spain for two weeks and become really close friends with Javier’s family.”

As a host family, not only do you have the opportunity to get to know these kids, you also  get to know their families and further broaden your cultural lens! Scott and Brent were endeared by the bonds they created with the students and will continue to have.

“The love that we’ve received from some of the kids has been unexpected.”

Photo Courtesy of Brent Macleys and Scott Macanas

Brent and Scott will cherish these unique experiences and moments spent with these students and so can you!

Host an exchange student and start your journey now.