From 0 to 25: The Monroe Family

By Short-Term Programs Manager Lexy Deutsch in collaboration with the Monroe Host Family

Home Town: Wauconda, Illinois

Previous Hosting Experience: In the last 10 years the Monroe family hosted over 25 exchange students.

Most Recent Hosting Experience: Sarah stepped in at the last minute to host Spanish group student Antonio Castrillo Martinez this summer.

How did they learn about CCI Greenheart? Host mom Sarah was previously a local coordinator for a CCI Greenheart group in Wilmette.

A few words from host mom Sarah Monroe:

“We ended up hosting at the last minute to fill in for a family that had a sudden change and was no longer able to host.  I was not sure how I would juggle work, kids moving to a new home, and hosting a student at the same time.  The reality, these students are here to experience our daily lives.  The busier you are, the better.  It is not an opportunity to wait until everything in your life settles down- how boring!  The busier you are and the more things you have going on, the better the experience for your student.

Our student came with us to all of our scheduled events that summer and we ended up doing quite a bit of outdoor activities and concerts- as we felt compelled.  After all, we wanted to show our student the American way of life- and we know that through our summer concerts, fairs, festivals, and even squeezed in a quick weekend trip to Minnesota.  The resulting benefit, our summer was way better! By attending all of these summer events, our student not only enjoyed Chicagoland, but so did we.”

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