From 0 to 25: The Furdek Family

By Short-Term Programs Manager Erica Clapp in collaboration with the Furdek Host Family

Home Town: Roseville, California

Previous Hosting Experience: None. Close friends of the family hosted for the past 2 years and had great experiences

Most Recent Hosting Experience: The Furdek family hosted short-term group student Agathe Champeyrache from France this summer.

How did they learn about CCI Greenheart? From local coordinator Kimberly Karver

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A short interview with host mom Beth Furdek

CCI Greenheart: What is your favorite memory from your hosting experience?

 Beth Furdek: Agathe and Maddy, my daughter, were both very musical.  I loved to hear them play the   piano together and sing together.

 CCI Greenheart: What are a few things that you learned about France?

Beth Furdek: We learned how to make French crepes!  We also learned about the differences in the French and American education systems.

 CCI Greenheart: How do you think hosting a foreign student has impacted you and your family? Was there anything especially difficult or especially rewarding?

Beth Furdek: It was very rewarding!  We have learned that it is easy to get very attached to someone in a short amount of time.  Agathe feels like a family member, and we plan to keep in contact with her always.

 CCI Greenheart: How has hosting changed you and your family’s view of other cultures?

Beth Furdek: I guess we learned that kids are pretty much the same everywhere.  It was amazing how many things she had in common with our daughter.  When our daughter had to work, Agathe hung out with her friends, and she quickly became a much loved friend to them all.

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