From 0 to 25: A Blog Miniseries

By: Short Term Programs Assistant Lexy Deutsch 

This summer CCI Greenheart touched the lives of host families all over the country. Since the beginning of June the Short Term Programs department, a branch of CCI Greenheart, brought in 41 student groups and nearly 200 independent homestay participants. This comes to a total of 689 participants entering the United States in need of a host family placement in a short 2 and a half month span. Wow. It is beautiful to hear how many lasting friendships were created in the matter of mere weeks. Friendships so strong many host families may one day make the trip across the sea just to spend more time with the participant they once hosted in the summer of 2014.

Over the next three weeks we will introduce you to 3 different host families in our series, From 0 to 25, where we will capture host family stories, pictures, and memories, and share them with you! Many of our welcoming families had no previous hosting experience, but some have up to 25 years!  Often times as the years go on the hosting experience only gets better. Mark your calendars to catch our first story, which will be released this Friday, August 22nd.

If you hosted a short term student and would like to share your hosting story please email Lexy Deutsch at

If you are hosting a year-long student, or have in the past, and would like to share your hosting story please email Jillian Sims at