Transforming Texas Beaches!

By Elyse Voyen, Greenheart Club Intern

“It is a wonderful feeling to think that we all make a difference by picking up and helping the planet” ~Jennifer Tausworthe

 Local Coordinator Jennifer Tausworthe organized a Greenheart Project to clean up the beaches in Texas. She and her twelve exchange students, Anna, Viktoriya, Aydana, Vladimir, Prokazyuk, Yuliya, Giovanna, Chung, Yu, Jongseong, Vitoria, Julia S. and Julia T., came together to participate in the national Adopt-A-Beach project. Each of them had their own bag to fill with trash. It was exciting for them to see what they could find at the beach! They all said that it was something different that they had never done before.

The Adopt-A-Beach project has been a national biannual project since 1986. It’s a wonderful way to make sure the Texas beaches stay clean. Over the past 27 years more than 446,000 volunteers have removed 8,500 tons (more than 17 million pounds) of trash from Texas beaches. The students were able to learn that through volunteering and cleaning up trash they can change the planet!

Texas Beach Cleanup 2Texas beach cleanup 3Texas beach clean up 5