A FLEX Student’s Thank You to CCI Greenheart

“Thank you for this unforgettable year”

By Ketevan Chitashvili, CCI Greenheart FLEX Exchange Student

My exchange year is almost over, and my American dream is going to finish soon. I think that this year was the most successful, productive and fun year in my life. I can call it “a year of experiences” because I experienced a lot of new things, I learned and gained many useful skills for me and my country’s future improvement. I feel blessed, when I remember everything that I have done during this year, so I decided to share the experiences that were very important for me and will always stay in my memory.

The most enjoyable activity was Volunteering in my host community and helping people in need. I enjoyed helping all those people, I just loved that I could give my love and respect to them. I think that Volunteering is one of the most important values of American nation that you must be proud of. I would like to continue volunteering in my country to and help people who needs help and love from others.

The other experience that made my childhood dream true, was participation in High School Fall Play. I always wanted to be an actress and to have a lead role in a play, but unfortunately my school or community in my country didn’t have any drama club or a class, so my dream always was just a dream and I would never think that someday it would be a true, but I came here and took a stage acting class. My teacher asked us for monologues as a homework, I wrote a monologue by myself and performed to my class, my teacher was just surprised and very excited for me so she suggested me to audition for High School Fall Play I did so and I couldn’t believe when I saw my name in the cast list but most amazing fact was that I was on the lead role…OH…I can’t explain how happy I was, I wanted to scream very loud. So I got the lead role in the play and became a star in an American High School. I was very proud of myself when I saw posters with my photos on them .My interviews were published in news papers and I felt like a real star .I want to thank every single person who made my dream true.

The other experience that I will always remember is my hair donation for Locks Of Love. I had never heard anything about this project before I came here, so as I heard about it, the first thing that I thought about was to cut my 6 -7 years old, long hair and donate it for that people, and I am very glad when I think that I made someone smile.

And at the end of my article I want to tell you about the experience that made a big change in my future plans. To tell you the truth, I always found it hard to decide what profession I really wanted to choose, because there always were several things that I liked and I couldn’t choose one out of them. But here all the activities that were related to government: Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council, My US Government class, Meetings with state senators and other politicians helped me to decide what I really want to do, so I decide to study political science and become a successful diplomat to help my country in solving problems with other countries and to take my part in world political life to reach peace for the whole earth, for each person to be happy and to live in love.


I want to thank my exchange program FLEX, my Placement Organization CCI, each person who helped me during this year especially my area coordinator Nancy White, Caldwell High School ,all of my friends and of course my host family for this amazing year, I want to tell you that you always be in my heart and I will always remember the time that I spent with you. Now is the time to go back home and share all of my knowledge and experiences with my country and help it to improve. Thank you very much.