Making Friends and Having a Blast while Volunteering

By Azizjon Aliev, CCI Greenheart High School Exchange Student and member of the Greenheart Club

Azizjon is a high school exchange student from Tajikistan who is living with his host family in New York. He is a member of the Greenheart Club and has logged an impressive 155 volunteer hours! He is an inspiring young man who’s enthusiasm for volunteering is palpable through his following description of his volunteer experiences.

Volunteering is a very fun thing to do, especially with a group of friends! I have been volunteering since I came to America. I have volunteered at church, a farm, and a few other places. The most fun I had volunteering was was at the “Lowille Cream Cheese Festival” where I worked with a group of exchange students. We became friends by volunteering together. Sometimes I also volunteer at my Church. There, I work with the youth group and sometimes I volunteer as a helper in the nursery or Children’s Church. I always have so much fun. At the farm I did many things, I picked plums, blueberries and other kinds of fruits. When I helped out at the Farmer’s Market, I carried the heavy baskets of the elderly to their cars. You won’t believe how much I love volunteering! And so, I am going to make a sign in front of my house that says “volunteer”. The sign will explain all of my volunteer experiences! Thanks, CCI Greenheart!

Azizjon Volunteering

This is me volunteering in Wisconsin with a group of exchange students