“Make your year full of great experiences doing volunteer work!”

By Alina Gabdrakhmanova, FLEX Student and Greenheart Club Member
Learn a little more about Alina, a Russian exchange student who lives in Texas. Alina has volunteered well over 100 hours!

Hey, my name is Alina. I’m a FLEX program exchange student from Russia. In Russia I did not really do much volunteer work, because I just had never thought abut it. Coming to the U.S. I did not know that I would have so many different and interesting opportunities to volunteer. First, I thought that it would be a great experience and chance to help people and the environment, meet new people, learn new skills, and American culture. So, that is exactly what I got! Volunteering – it is so much fun and I am fully satisfied.

My volunteering experience started at the community library. After a short orientation I started to volunteer. My task is not only to shelve books but I also take part in festivals that organize the library. One of them was Hispanic Heritage Festival. There I taught kids to do crafts. During my volunteering I watched Hispanic dances, costumes, tried food. So, it was very interesting! Also, I volunteer at church. My host-family attends this church very often, so I spend a lot of my time there doing some funny staff and meeting new friends. There I help to look after little kids of age 2-4. I like doing that a lot!

As you can see, my volunteering experience is not done! I have many thoughts about places where I could volunteer. I know, the skills that I learn and good things that I do for society resulted in everything good that I have: my new good friends, my lovely host-family and an amazing year in the United States of America! So don’t wait, make your year full of great experiences doing volunteer work!