Global Youth Service Day 2014

By Elyse Voyen, Greenheart Part Time Program Assistant for the Greenheart Club

Global Youth Service day is a day dedicated to celebrating youth who volunteer all around the world. The only day dedicated to youth service, it is also the largest global service event. This year CCI Greenheart staff across the United States organized volunteer events for our exchange students to celebrate this special day. The two events highlighted here were organized by local coordinators Anita Giacone and Janette Funk.

Anita’s group volunteered at Strath Haven High School in Pennsylvania planting Bald Cypress Trees and ended up having an impromptu trash pickup. Anita shares her thoughts on event:

“I was amazed at how enthusiastic and committed these students are. We went about planting the five Bald Cypress trees. You could not stop this mission driven club! They continued to pick up litter around the area which was infectious so that the rest of us started to do the same. After enjoying some bagels, cream cheese and OJ, Michael Roles, from Clean Water Action gave us a talk about environmental issues in general including Storm water issues and what Clean Water Action does. We ended the event wishing the Greenhaven Club good luck on their continued projects and thanked them for their hard work!”

Jannette’s group volunteered at St. Thomas of Canterbury soup kitchen in Chicago. Below are some lovely photos of both Jannette and Anita’s service driven groups!


Global Youth Service Day is a wonderful day to celebrate the commitment of youth everywhere to community service.  These young people’s enthusiasm to volunteer is what makes the Greenheart Club possible. We not only want to give a special thanks to these students and their local coordinators for planning these events but also to all the youth volunteers around the world who are making our planet a happier and healthier place to live. Thank you!